Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Well hello again

I am sitting in my living room, in the middle of my comfy couch, listening to the rain drip outside and the heater thrum inside. The Christmas tree is glittering in my peripheral vision on the left while the coffee pot lights glow merrily on the right - perhaps I'll have just one more cup.

I have missed being in this space! September and October were so fun blogging here, but as November came, and with it the National Novel Writing Month, I realized I wanted to dedicate the month to novel writing. I haven't ever written a novel before, and I didn't finish a novel last month, but it was fun to dedicate my time to that process for 30 days. I have two stories I was working on and I made a little bit of progress in each. So for my first year participating in NaNoWriMo, and with four kids 7 and under underfoot, I call that a success!

Now we are two weeks into December and Christmas Eve is just 10 days away! With the weather outside getting a little frightful (we've been having freezing rain, which is just not as magical as snow) I have been enjoying more and more of my 'winter activities.' I find that every winter, when the house is toasty and the outdoors are dark, cloudy, and cold, I want to get out my yarn bag and crochet, or lay on the couch and read, I want to play more with make-up, or cuddle with whatever daughter is amenable to unending snuggles! Winter is some of my favorite time of year.

So for today I think I will crochet. I think I'll lay on the couch and read, and I'll snuggle my kids. I will also probably do some dishes, vacuum, and make a giant pot of homemade chili, if I'm being totally honest. But first, I think I'll go have that second cup of afternoon coffee.

Coming up...
Throw it out Thursday!*

*Disclosure: this will not happen every Thursday. But it's a fun post name, right?!

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