Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This week's goals

Here. Goes. Nothing. I have decided to do a weekly post (probably on Mondays) with some goals for the week, things I want to accomplish, attitudes I want to work on... after all, I'm here with a desire to be vulnerable and transparent (which is a little scary). I got this idea of doing a weekly check-in from this blog that I love. At some point down the line, I'll have to do a post and share with you all some of my favorite blogs! But, for today, here are my goals for the week:

  • Refold all the laundry in my girls' dresser (I don't know if your kids do this, but occasionally mine will look for a specific item and unfold everything in the process!)
  • Work on my commission drawings (did you guys know that I draw?!)
  • Choose to bless Tristan when he works long hours instead of taking my day out on him
  • Deodorize the carpet with baking soda and vacuum
  • Bible study every day (found this daily scripture writing plan on Pinterest)
  • Laundry. SO MUCH LAUNDRY :)
  • Make a big batch of homemade chili (yummy recipe on Pinterest)
  • Cuddle with girls and pray and talk and snuggle and tell secrets for 5 minutes each once they're in bed at night. Best 20 minute decision ever.
  • Pack away outgrown clothing (since I've got four daughters, we keep quite a bit of clothing that each of the older three outgrow so that sisters can have a ready wardrobe when they size up! Unfortunately, I've gotten behind)
  • Read to my girls more <3 
  • Exercise every day - even if only briefly, every little bit counts!
  • Make a list of household items we need to buy this month
  • Have intentional away-from-kids "me" time
  • Budget our next check

I am so excited for this week! I have a lot of goals, I'd better hop to it!

Warmly, Susanne


  1. HI Susanne, So happy to meet you. I am a Christian blogger too. I love your goals for the week. They sound very lofty. Good for you. I love my daily time in the Word too. So happy to connect.

  2. Welcome to blogging! Always great to connect with new bloggers. :)

    1. Thank you Kalin! I'll have to check out your blog soon :)