Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Art - my not so recent work

I have been wanting to write a post with pictures of some of my artwork, and today, here it is! I'll include finished drawings, sketches, and half-done works to give a broader sense of my work. I would also be happy to do a Q & A post if there's any interest in how I got started drawing, how long I've been drawing, if I have any training, etc. Comment below if you want to see that!

Lorelai, First Halloween, Age: 11 Months

Fruit !

Melanie's Stuffed Bunny

Mimi and Melanie

Psalm 119:32

Bird and Flower


Drawing is so good for me. Yet, it's one of those things I often don't make time for. Can any of you relate to that? Do you find that just because something is good for you doesn't necessarily mean it makes it onto your busy schedule? That is one of my struggles every week. Making time for what is good for me. Lately I've been been doing more drawing and it has felt so wonderful! This is my self-care. It's easy to put off taking care of me in order to take care of my family or home, but I'm trying to turn the tide on that and getting back into drawing on a consistent basis is one step in that direction. 


  1. I can't see some of the drawings 🙁 I'm glad you're getting back into it! I can totally relate to not making time for things that are good for oneself. I think mothers instinctively sacrifice during different chapters of our lives, but I think we get in trouble when that becomes the norm and not exception. Creative work often get shoved to the back as 'extras.' Part of what works for me is to actively schedule time for it and recognizing that for me, I probably won't finish it in one sitting and that is okay. I try not to skip my Bible reading and journaling... And am trying to establish regular workouts.

  2. I like the drawing you had for the psalms :)